Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, here I am, as promised!
Today was a typical rough day.
But I will not focus on that...
I will not focus on having to ground one of the kids for playing their DS after bedtime last night.
I will not focus on finding an entire bottle of soap dumped in one of the suitcases full of Sarah's camp supplies.
I will not focus on the tantrums that were thrown when I said no.
I will not focus on the grapes that became bullets or the string cheese I am still finding all over the house.
I will no focus the 12 pairs of poopy underwear I found (long story).
I will not focus on the book I slipped on that sent me flying across the room.
I will not focus on the cut toe that resulted from that flight.
I will not focus on the Starbucks and Reese's cup I downed at 10pm.

What I will focus on is this....

Isn't that smile the best!

That is the smile of a little boy who is proud of himself.
A little boy that is having fun helping Mommy.

Mikey gets home from school just before lunch. Today, as usual he ran to the kitchen and climbed on the counter to dig for the pop tarts. Pop tarts are his go to food. His comfort food. It doesn't matter where I hide them or how many times I tell him not to climb on the counters, he will find them. Today I caught him before they where opened. His response- his usual very loud scream. I told him it was lunch time. It just happened I had sponge bob and toy story mac and cheese and the cabinet. I asked him if he would pick for me. He continued to scream. I asked again. He stopped, looked and picked- toy story. We put it in the microwave and I helped him push the buttons. He stood there and watched- the entire time. I think the microwave amazes him. Then he helped me stir in everything and even scooped it out onto every one's plate. All the time excitedly tell his siblings who's plate was next. When it was his plate's turn he found joy in filling it with a small layer of pasta. I asked him how many nuggets he wanted, he told me five. I made him count out five and he did, by himself on the first try! I was so proud of him. One of my biggest fears for Mikey is that he will not have the life skills to survive on his own. Or, that he will not be able to communicate what he needs. Baby step by baby step he is making his way. I just need to be patient and remember the God will make a way. He always does. Who am I to doubt him.

That is what I will focus on.

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Kim said...

Beautifully said. Big hugs from Aunt Kim to everyone!