Friday, July 2, 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp 2010

What is one the best things about summer...Camp!
This is the last year Jim will be able to attend cub scout day camp as a camper.
This time next year my little scout will be a Boy Scout.
The theme this year is Cubs in Time.
For those that do not know Boy scouts are celebrating their 100 anniversary.
Jim loves camp. But who wouldn't when you get to hang out with a bunch a crazy guys like these... The camp is held outdoors and the temps were so hot this year.
It was so hot the camp was highlighted on a local news station.
They did a story about how the kids are being kept hydrated and safe.
Even the heat couldn't keep the boys from being boys. One of Jim's favorite stations was the BB guns. He has awesome aim. The first day he shot 50/50! There is also archery... and sling shots.How awesome is this...
Searching for fossils. Power Tools!!! Each year the camp holds a campfire and skit night. This year they opened camp with the boys singing "You're a Grand Old Flag" The also hold a flag retirement ceremony. The last day brings the best event of all....
Water slides!
So, raise your hand if you had fun this week!

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