Monday, July 26, 2010

Introducing Patches!

Last Wednesday I showed a pictures of out newest 4-legged addition, Patches.
We were not expecting to add any more pets at this time,
but with some thing that cute...
So here is sweet Patches story.
A couple months back a stray cat adopted us.
Yes, we named her...
Yes, we fed her...
Yes, we bought her a shelter.
( By us I mean me, ha!)
Last Monday Tyco started barking hysterically and Jim went to see what was going on.
When he looked over the deck this is what he found....Princess ( I told you I named her) had had 3 adorable kittens.
Isn't this one just a stinker! Of course, what else were we to do but scoop them up and bring them in?
They are all so cute.... But this one stole my heart!
She was a lot smaller then her siblings
and upon inspection I noticed a cut on her throat and a large mass.
Off to the vet we went.
The doctor said the poor thing would need surgery to drain two large abscesses
(one in her neck and one in her belly). wouldn't be cheap. I couldn't say no.
My poor baby went into surgery without a name and we didn't know if she was a she yet.
We did find out that she was about 3 1/2-4 weeks old.At home the other two kittens snuggled
and practiced being adorable!
(By the way- they are looking for a loving home.) Then the vet called and said my little one pulled through like a trooper. She had to have a drain placed in her neck and stomach.
It looked nasty but at least she could come home. She wouldn't nurse with her mother so I had to syringe feed her. In the morning she likes to curl in my hair.
Yes, she is spoiled! Our big baby and our littlest baby. On Wednesday I had to take her back to the vet
because she tore a couple of the stitches in her neck. The vet removed the tube and restitched her neck,
leaving an opening so it could drain.
By Thursday she was taking the bottle like a pro! She also enjoys snuggling with her siblings. She also learned how to nurse.
(Cute kid moment-
Sarah said that they were fighting over the "sucker") On Sunday she took a trip to church with us
and then off to the vet to have her tummy tube removed.
She enjoyed snuggling with her teddy during the trip. Well, I did say she is spoiled!


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