Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Catch Up-Sarah edition

Sarah is becoming our little performer.
She received her "black belt" in recorder karate. She had a blast singing and playing the recorder in the spring concert.
Sarah is looking forward to joining Cougar claws in 4th grade and playing the flute in 5th.On sports day at school she showed her Viper Spirit in her practice gear. Field day was the best! My little diva finished cheer and then had a day of pampering to get ready for the Daddy Daughter Dance.
Summer in Baltimore wouldn't be complete with out an O's game. On the 4th of July Sarah walked in two parades with her team. Then it was off to cheer camp with the Baltimore Raven cheer leaders.
Two of the coaches from her gym are Raven's cheer leaders!

Sarah and her friend Kaiya had a blast with all the cheer leaders.
Back handsprings across the field :) Sarah and her friend Abby had feather hair extension put in. Then it was onto performance night at Raven's stadium!

Now she is working on her tuck.
You can see her in the video running from the back left corner.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Catch Up- Jim edition

Here is a little glimpse into Jim's amazing summer.
He has grown and matured so much.
I guess you could say it all started when he received his arrow of light in club scouts.

"The Arrow of Light award is the highest award available to Cub Scouts. It requires the Scout to have earned the Webelos Scout badge and eight activity badges. In addition to the skill and activity requirements of the preceding ranks, the Arrow of Light requires Scouts to learn the Scout Promise and Scout Law, and visit one meeting and one activity of a Boy Scout troop, in preparation for advancing to the Boy Scouts. "
From: Cub Scout Wiki

He also crossed over into Boy Scouts. From there it was onto the big stage!
He had fun playing a couple roles in a local production of Aladdin. The beginning of summer also meant the end of 5th grade!
He was so excited to graduate....he was on pins and needles! Then the proud day came!
No more elementary school! Next it was onto Kidpointe Kamp.
Time to make friends, play games, learn new things and praise God! There was a brief stay at Hopkins to clean up a couple things. Next it was off to Boy Scout camp. Jim was only home for a day when he was off on a mission trip. He served the community of York, Pa.
and served his fellow missionaries. There was also a little time for fun! To round out the summer we took a trip to Raven's stadium.

After all this fun you would think..."Can there be more?!"
On August 21st (drum roll please).......
Jim was baptized!

And, On August 23 he turned..... 13
(and experienced his first earth quake) !

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Catch Up - Lucas edition

Lucas started of his summer on a chilly note....

For his pk-3 graduation he decided to play the snowman.

Hmm...I guess he wanted to get on Santa's good side in case the elves were watching. He had such a wonderful year at tots.

Its hard to believe he only has one more year and then its off to the big school.
This year he made friends- real friends. Like...get upset if some one is not there friends.
Its pretty cool as a mom to watch him become a little person. For a while this summer we had a new superhero in town...

meet Shark boy! Best Buddies Luke also got in touch wit his artistic side. I have to say, he is too cute for words. At six flags he was consumed by a squid. But luckily he was rescued in time to show his buddy Woody around Philly. We also enjoyed a movie at the great Senator theater. New boots all the way from Tennessee. Two peas in a pod. Silly Bandz...need I say more. I have discovered that my kids will hug anything that looks stuffed and then Luke will look at me and say...

"There's a person in there." This summer there were a lot of forts being built... and ice cream being made. We also had up front seats for a balloon launch. Carnival Time and to close summer out... Blue hair for crazy hair day at cheer leading.

(Yes...he is in cheer leading)