Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Catch Up- Mikey edition

Mikey's summer was full of fun!

Mikey enjoyed playing his 3rd season of baseball.
He is awesome. Batting is his favorite but he is starting to field a little. He was a real trooper when it came time for his dental surgery.
He had 4 teeth removed and a couple capped. Mikey finished out school with his kindergarten graduation. Singing Mr. Sun Ms.Shuss awarded him his certificate. Then it was time for cake. Mikey and Ms.Shuss Picnic Time

I think the highlight of Mikey's summer was meeting the Bird at his awards banquet. Mikey and one of his coaches. 4th of July. Slippin Slide fun! Look BiG BOY UNDIES! Exploring nature. VBS Carnival One cool dude!

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