Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Catch Up - Lucas edition

Lucas started of his summer on a chilly note....

For his pk-3 graduation he decided to play the snowman.

Hmm...I guess he wanted to get on Santa's good side in case the elves were watching. He had such a wonderful year at tots.

Its hard to believe he only has one more year and then its off to the big school.
This year he made friends- real friends. Like...get upset if some one is not there friends.
Its pretty cool as a mom to watch him become a little person. For a while this summer we had a new superhero in town...

meet Shark boy! Best Buddies Luke also got in touch wit his artistic side. I have to say, he is too cute for words. At six flags he was consumed by a squid. But luckily he was rescued in time to show his buddy Woody around Philly. We also enjoyed a movie at the great Senator theater. New boots all the way from Tennessee. Two peas in a pod. Silly Bandz...need I say more. I have discovered that my kids will hug anything that looks stuffed and then Luke will look at me and say...

"There's a person in there." This summer there were a lot of forts being built... and ice cream being made. We also had up front seats for a balloon launch. Carnival Time and to close summer out... Blue hair for crazy hair day at cheer leading.

(Yes...he is in cheer leading)

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