Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I know I'm biased but...

I have to say I have some pretty cute kids.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Playground Fun

Where is the best place to be on a sunny spring day? Well, if you live around here its the playground! My kids love the playground and we are so fortunate to have a ton of playgrounds close to where we live.Both Mikey and Luke love the swings.

It it doesn't hurt that they have a big brother that doesn't mind pushing them just I little bit higher then Mommy does!

My little monkey

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our spring break trip to the zoo

Over Spring Break I ventured out with the kids to the zoo. A couple of the kids have never been to the zoo, for the others its been years. I was very proud of myself flying solo with all four kids. I must say we had a blast and can not wait to go again. The kids loved the slides and took many turns going down them.

They also loved pretending to be turtles and petting goats in the kids zoo. We even got a peak at the elephants.But I think we had the most fun racing the giraffe back and forth in his exhibit.

Two things I learned this week...

1. I learned how to get Mikey to wear a band-aid.
2. I learned how much that band-aid would cost!
First off let me say that, my dear Mikey hates, I mean hates with a passion band-aids.
So my story begins- Monday morning I heard Mikey call out what I thought was "out". I called for him to come to me in the other room. As he got closer to me I realized he was saying "Ouie". When I looked up his arm was covered in blood. We quickly ran to the bathroom and ran water over it and I could see that he had a cut a good chunk of skin off his thumb. The poor thing was in so much pain he started saying-" Mommy band-aid on it- MAKE IT BETTER!" but it didn't matter what I did it kept bleeding. After consulting with our neighbor who is a nurse in training I headed of to our local emergency care center. Of course by then the bleeding had slowed. In the ended all they had to do was wash the cut and put a band-aid on. Now Mikey has no problems with band-aids.
So, what did it take to get Mikey to wear a band-aid? Oh, just a big 'ol cut on the finger. And, how much did that band-aid cost us? Just $140.00!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A dog and his creature

Once upon a time there was a dog named Tyco.
Who lived very happily as the center of attention in his family...
Then one day his masters brought home a strange fur less creature. The creature seemed to have four functions...screaming, eating, pooping and sleeping.
Tyco took pity on this small creature. He decided to take the creature as his own. To love and protect.
From that day on they were always together.
Tyco loved his creature with all his heart, even when his creature wasn't so little anymore.

Tyco can't believe that he has had over 5 years with his creature. He is amazed how the time has flown. One thing he knows for sure is that he loves his creature and couldn't imagine life without him!