Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two things I learned this week...

1. I learned how to get Mikey to wear a band-aid.
2. I learned how much that band-aid would cost!
First off let me say that, my dear Mikey hates, I mean hates with a passion band-aids.
So my story begins- Monday morning I heard Mikey call out what I thought was "out". I called for him to come to me in the other room. As he got closer to me I realized he was saying "Ouie". When I looked up his arm was covered in blood. We quickly ran to the bathroom and ran water over it and I could see that he had a cut a good chunk of skin off his thumb. The poor thing was in so much pain he started saying-" Mommy band-aid on it- MAKE IT BETTER!" but it didn't matter what I did it kept bleeding. After consulting with our neighbor who is a nurse in training I headed of to our local emergency care center. Of course by then the bleeding had slowed. In the ended all they had to do was wash the cut and put a band-aid on. Now Mikey has no problems with band-aids.
So, what did it take to get Mikey to wear a band-aid? Oh, just a big 'ol cut on the finger. And, how much did that band-aid cost us? Just $140.00!

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