Friday, October 9, 2009

August happenings...

Here is how we ended our August 2009...
1. Cheer leading practice
2. Mikey teaching Mickey to dance
3. Sarah in curlers
4. Learning how to braid
5. Pit stop at the veggie stand
6. Jim's 11th birthday
7. Luke and his rocket
8. Time in the pool
9. A trip to frontier town
10. Date night on the boardwalk with Jason
11. Poor Luke in the ER with an ear infection
12. Baseball game
13. Night before the first day of school
14. 1st day of school

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My 365 Journey

1. The Moos- Recently the kids (mainly Luke) has found a love for Moos.
2. Mikey loved having his faced painted. I was amazed that he sat there.
3. 4 wheeling fun
4. Luau day at cheer leading.
5.Our pals
6. 4 wheelers and Choo Choos
7. Kids + Water= Fun
8. Brownie Camp
9. My artist
10. Jim's 1st Xray
11. Dad's surgery
12. Watching the construction outside of Kennedy Krieger.
13. Sleepy Boys
14. A day of pampering
15. One of my sweet Sunday school kiddos
16. Luke listening to his tunes.