Friday, July 24, 2009

July Happenings

1. Good to the last drop! 2. Jim's summer weblos den 3. Pop's boys 4. Jim helping as color gaurd 5. Uncle Doug's base hit 6. Summer sweeties 7. Checking out the trains 8. Jim and the big gold statue 9. Bathing Beauty Luke 10.Aww..brotherly love 11. Back to school shopping 12. Jason and MomMom 13. Luke and birthday boy Jesse 14. cowboy boots...never leve home without them 15. Clean porch 16. 1st day of summer school 17. Cool dude Luke 18. Smiley Mikey 19. Brown or Black...why not both 20. Happy 4th of July 21. Train time 22. Luke helps clean up leaves 23. Fun at Annie's playground
More Summer Fun!!

I'm Still Here!!!

1..Mikey at his end of the year party 2.Mikey snoozing with Mommy's book 3. Ashley's 2nd birthday party 4. Sarah and Jim's last day of school 5. MomMom's birthday 6. The BC Library cat visited Mikey's school 7. Luke investigating our new hermit crabs 8. Luke enjoying the library 9. Biker Luke 10. Sarah is citizen of the month 11. Enjoying a show at 6 Flags 12. Mikey blows Mommy a kiss at little league day 13. Luke and his buddies dog and ra 14. Dog 15. Waiting for his big brother 16. My little reader 17. Tumble Queen 18. Movie Day 19. Take us out to the ball game 20. Mikey's team at the end of the year party 21. Snoozing on Pop 22. Fun at Mayo Beach 23. Luke loves trains!!! 24. Little artist Mikey 25. Jason's new hair do (or no- hair do!!!) 26. Jim's first hit 27. Mmm...dinner on the grill 28. Summer fun 29. Sarah's new short hair do 30. Silly Mikey 31. Cheesing with Tyco 32. Cool hand Luke 33. Outside fun 34. What's on our fridge?

I know I haven't been in blog-land lately, but I'm still here. Summer is in full swing and the kids are having so much fun. I am still doing my project 365. Here are the rest of my June photos. As you can see my family keeps me on my toes...but I wouldn't change it for the world.