Friday, July 24, 2009

July Happenings

1. Good to the last drop! 2. Jim's summer weblos den 3. Pop's boys 4. Jim helping as color gaurd 5. Uncle Doug's base hit 6. Summer sweeties 7. Checking out the trains 8. Jim and the big gold statue 9. Bathing Beauty Luke 10.Aww..brotherly love 11. Back to school shopping 12. Jason and MomMom 13. Luke and birthday boy Jesse 14. cowboy boots...never leve home without them 15. Clean porch 16. 1st day of summer school 17. Cool dude Luke 18. Smiley Mikey 19. Brown or Black...why not both 20. Happy 4th of July 21. Train time 22. Luke helps clean up leaves 23. Fun at Annie's playground
More Summer Fun!!

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