Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Catch Up-Sarah edition

Sarah is becoming our little performer.
She received her "black belt" in recorder karate. She had a blast singing and playing the recorder in the spring concert.
Sarah is looking forward to joining Cougar claws in 4th grade and playing the flute in 5th.On sports day at school she showed her Viper Spirit in her practice gear. Field day was the best! My little diva finished cheer and then had a day of pampering to get ready for the Daddy Daughter Dance.
Summer in Baltimore wouldn't be complete with out an O's game. On the 4th of July Sarah walked in two parades with her team. Then it was off to cheer camp with the Baltimore Raven cheer leaders.
Two of the coaches from her gym are Raven's cheer leaders!

Sarah and her friend Kaiya had a blast with all the cheer leaders.
Back handsprings across the field :) Sarah and her friend Abby had feather hair extension put in. Then it was onto performance night at Raven's stadium!

Now she is working on her tuck.
You can see her in the video running from the back left corner.

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