Friday, July 23, 2010

New York City!

Last weekend we found ourselves with nothing to do.
So we hopped in the car and started driving.
At first we were just going to go to a state park or a local park.
Pretty soon it turned into- Hey! Lets drive to New York.
So we did!
Along the way we stopped for doughnuts.
(As if kids stuck in a car need more sugar) We finally arrived at about 5:15 pm.
Our first stop was in Jersey City.
We were hoping to catch a ferry over to Ellis island and the statue,
but unfortunately we arrived just as the last ferry was coming back.
Guess we have to go back another weekend. We walked around the station for awhile and pointed out
Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty to the kids. Then it was time to head into the city. Notice all the cabs.. Yep we're in NY City. We drove around the city pointing out things like... the Empire State Building and.... Times Square. Then we hit the streets. The boys spotted Buzz....Big Buzz. We had dinner at Planet Hollywood. After dinner we headed home. Our spur of the moment trip was just perfect.
We were in the city long enough for the kids to get a taste of New York
and long enough for us to start planning out our next trip.

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