Friday, August 6, 2010

Carnival Time

Each year we head back to my hometown at carnival time.
We actually visit my family back home a lot,
but I am always extra happy to go back home at carnival time.
The kids love riding the rides... and so does Daddy! This year Mikey slid down the slide by himself. One of my favorite things at the carnival is the penny pitch.
I mean it is only a penny to play!
Where else can you find carnival games that cheap.
Basically, you shot the pennies into bowls and if one lands in the bowl you get a bead necklace.
The kiddie games where $2 a piece, a little steep but luckily this only comes once a year. Another thing that is pretty awesome about the carnival is that my dad lives right down the street. So, we usually get to see him, or in Luke's case, sword fight with him. We ended the night with ice cream.
Almost everyone was happy.

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