Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Destination!

Our season of cheer leading is finally over. But, of course we couldn't go out with out a bang! Sarah and I ventured out to Virginia Beach the end of April for Final Destination ( The BIG competition for the rec cheerleaders). All three of the teams from Parkville received a bid to compete at the finals.

Friday night Sarah and some of her friend had a blast dancing the night away at the convention center. One of the things that I have cherished the most about cheer leading is the friendships Sarah and I have both made. Sarah loves cheer leading so much that we have decided to leave rec cheer leading and to join all star cheer leading. The all star squad will provide her with more challenges and will help her develop her skills. I know she will love and learn a lot from the new team, but, above all I hope she develops friendships like those she has made over the last couple seasons.

But, that's a whole different blog post for a different day. I have to say the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I am not typically a mom that will buy a two piece for her baby girl. But, Sarah saw this one and we decided to go for it. Everyone can breathe- she will have a one piece for summer camp and all her other activities. This was a special trip and it needed a special suit!

Sarah had so much fun on the beach with her friends.I think she had the most fun doing cartwheels into the water.

I helped coach the under 6 team. I was very proud of how hard the girls worked all season. We placed 3rd place!

Sarah's team was simply amazing! Her team placed 4th! Now, we look forward to the next chapter in our cheer leading story. Tryouts are in a couple of weeks and I am sure Sarah will do great. Until then...

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