Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just another week...

So I am trying so hard to play catch up on my project 365. Now that the kids are starting back to school hopefully I can find some time to play in blog-land.
So here is our week from July 26- Aug 1
1. Luke listening to our "Sunshine Kids" CD in Sunday School. I love teaching the 2 year olds. Its tiring but very rewarding.
2. Crocodile dock VBS starts to night!
3. Mikey and Sarah climbing the blow up slide at SSATI's picnic.
4. This was too cute to not grab a photo. Poor Luke had been on the potty all morning with an upset tummy. Finally he decided to pull up some pillows and rest. Talk about sleeping on the job!
5. My baby is growing up. (Heading into VBS)
6. Last night at Crocodile Dock!
7. Emily, Abby, Ben and Zack's baptism

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