Monday, October 6, 2008

Hairspray, Hair bows & Hip, Hip Hooray!

On Sunday Sarah had her first cheer leading "competition." Since she is in the 3-5 squad all the girls got a medal but in her eyes she won gold. The world of cheer leading is all new to me but I must say I am enjoying it. Saturday night the girls had a curl party. We had so much fun putting the girls pigtails up in foam curlers. Sunday morning we got up bright early so we could make it to the college by 8, to then stand in line for what seemed like forever. The girls got to go in before us and get situated in their spots. We were the first group to go at 10 and I must say I am so proud of my angel. She was too cute and she rocked. While the rest of the groups preformed the girls watched and cheered and the parents chated. Before awards were handed out the girls all got to dance on the field and party with cookie monster. All in all it was a pretty cool day. Can't wait to do it again next weekend!

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